Thursday, March 13, 2008

Canine instinct a cure for cancer?!

I think I have something worth looking into here. Sure I have had a lot of crackpot theories but Sharon Moalem's book Survival of The Sickest ended up PROVING a few of them!! Thank you Mr. Moalem.
Here is my latest one, actually my husband came up with it last night and it immediately made sense.

I have blogged before about one of my dogs having and inexorable hunger for TURDS. Well, what I didn't mention is that before I noticed this daily habit she was diagnosed with cancer, of the rectum that is (rectum? Damn near literally killed 'um!) . We were told she didn't have much time left, so we actually even got the third dog so the second dog wouldn't go all Grover (Somebody get that muppet some freaking Prozac!) on us when the first dog died.
At last vet visit, a miracle!! She seems to be in complete remission! My guess as to what cured her? Consuming her own turds.

I have read an article about booger eating
being somewhat akin to getting a vaccine.

So poop eating has to have some benefits too, right? I submit to you that it may hold the key to curing cancer. We'll probably have to have this pioneering research done by the Raelians (They're not busy right now, right?) or somewhere in Mexico or Thailand, or Oregon. Who will be the first brave soul to try the Pooshake (Patent Pending---and we'll try and make it tasty somehow.....)? Sometimes, dare I say even many times, these things turn out to be that simple. For example menstrual blood being a rich source of stem cells? Pre-hysterectomy I could have provided enough stem cells to coat the planet like the Sherwin Williams logo and cured the WORLD!!

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