Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kitty Kat Transport 2.0

Version 2.0 featured update based on the many lessons I had learned from 1.0. First, hand sewing those letters on was a giant pain in the ass, and didn't offer the impact I was looking for. So somewhere I found some iron on letters. I think leftover from some project in an old Dynamite magazine.

Much better as far as readability and amount of effort required for the end result. Then I made sure this time I chose a leg from Levi's Jeans, nice heavyweight denim. I reused the strap from 1.0 and this time made sure to really anchor it both on top and bottom with tons of stitches that, frankly, look like monkeys may have sewn them. Whatever.

This time was a success as far as the look I was after and durability. Sadly, though another design issue quickly became apparent. The leg piece was just too long and narrow and the kitten didn't seem to want to be confined that far down. But this time I did manage to make it all the way down the block to my best friend Angie's house for a quick game of, "Guess what's in the bag!". But I carried him home in my arms, and the carriers were never actually used again. Interesting that they ended up being saved for all these years.

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