Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Curse of Eclectic Taste

Some of us are just born with it. It isn't much of a handicap if you're ridiculously wealthy. However, if you are like most folks and are living a life of mostly-just-keeping-the-bills-paid, it can be extremely frustrating.

When my personal sense of style first started to whisper to me that the unspoken but universally accepted late 70s/early 80s public grade school "uniform" of an Izod shirt and Jordache or Calvin Klein jeans was perhaps not all there was in the world, the clothing and accessories I could find at the stores were, for the most part, not especially appealing. And often not in my price range. Not to mention the fact that I am shorter than average and not junkie-skinny. Oh the years I endured ill-fitting, well, everything! And I began to realize that I just didn't want what everyone else had. I wanted more. I had no choice but to try and make it myself.

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