Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Go, go coprophagia!!

I can't help but notice that only 1/3 of my dogs have a poop fetish. Why does the German/Rotty/Shepard mix crave the taste of poo and the pit bull/mix breed duo do not?

Perhaps it is because she is the oldest dog, with questionable dental quality left, and eating the easy to chew food is like an old person eating the overcooked veggies at the local all you can eat buffet. And it has to be easy on the digestive system too. I mean how much more processing can that stuff require?

Interestingly she seems to have pretty strict criteria for which pile she consumes. She doesn't seem to be too picky about whose brown eye blinked it out, but she does seem to be very finicky about texture. I have watched with fascination as she hones in on just the right one, sniffing closely and deeply for several seconds before deciding to either let it ferment a bit longer, or dig in. Like a human sniffing the cork of a fine wine.

(I still haven't figured out how to tell if she is mostly just recycling the same pile over and over again...I mean I am curious, but is that really where I want to spend all my research money?)

As close as I can figure she prefers the outside to be a little crunchy, but the inside still soft. Like a 3 Musketeers.

Mmmmmmm, candy.

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lisa said...

I'm not letting Skully lick me anymore.