Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My First Time

Okay, I can't say for sure that this is the first thing I ever made from fabric all by myself, but it is definitely the earliest example I have of my hand sewing technique. (It hasn't gotten too much better!) I was 9, and I had just gotten a new kitten, a white little fuzzball I named Pegasus, after the mythological winged horse, and I wanted to take him everywhere with me. He was too big to fit in my pocket like some rodent pets I had owned in the past, so I used a the leg from some jeans my mother had made into cut-off shorts to fashion a kitten carrier. So ahead of my time! Everyone has a version for their little dogs now!

From the big ugly green sewing basket that used to be my great grandmother's, I managed to find some different colored threads and stitched this masterpiece...freehand if you can believe it! In an early show of personality, I purposely misspelled cat with a "K" so the name of the bag would match my initials, K.K. The bag didn't serve its purpose very long, as the hand-sewn carrying strap turned out to be no match for the weight of my kitten. (No kittens were harmed though!) The strap was reused in the new improved 2.0 version.

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